Successful conclusion of EVIDENT

After the end of the EVIDENT project on 30 October 2016, the final project report was submitted to the European Commission which marks the end of EVIDENT. The last two years were characterized by intensive work of the consortium to scientifically exploit specimens from EVD patients and to gather critical knowledge on B and T cell immunology, biomarkers, virus evolution, virulence determinants, and transmission of Ebola Virus.

The EVIDENT Summary provides an overview of the main results. Overall, the project impacts on the operational response to future epidemics and on the development of medical countermeasures in the inter-epidemic time. In this way, EVIDENT contributes to reducing the impact of future EVD epidemics on the affected population.

The results of the project have been presented to national authorities, the WHO, pharmaceutical companies and the scientific community. So far, 16 articles were published in high-ranking scientific journals, three of them in “Nature”. Additional papers are in progress and will be published soon.

We thank the consortium and all supporters for the engagement and passion for the successful realization of the EVIDENT project.