EVIDENT: current activities

The EVIDENT teams continues to gather first-hand information on immune signatures of Ebola virus disease patients in the field. With participation of BNITM, INMI, PHE, and volunteers from Hannover TWINCORE and Hannover Medical School, we are investigating immune-based correlates of survival including T cell responses, NK and gamma-delta T cell immunity and the kinetics of infection in antigen-presenting cells. In addition, our lab capacity has grown exponentially to perform virus sequencing in real time (now established in the European Mobile laboratory unit at Coyah), as well as tracking of Ebola virus-specific T cells. Upon request of WHO, our investigators are also contributing to define whether specific routes of virus transmission are associated to particular immune signatures, which shall inform epidemiologists and public health officials to establish measures to stop human-to-human virus transmission. 

EVIDENT scientists are also leading a study to assess the immune response in EVD survivors and direct contacts of EBOV infected individuals. To date EVIDENT volunteers from PHE, Riga Institute (Belgium) and Nottingham University have taken blood samples from over 50 EVD survivors and 25 direct contacts. Initial ELSIPOT studies have been performed in the EVIDENT laboratory in Gueckedou by EVIDENT and Guinean scientists. Samples will be transported to Europe to undergo further immune analysis.