Robert Koch-Institut

The Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) is the central federal institution for disease control and prevention and the central federal reference institution for applied and response-orientated research and for the Public Health Sector in Germany. The classical work area of the Robert Koch-Institute is public health related research in infectious diseases. Numerous teams, including several national reference centers and advisory laboratories, use modern molecular biological methods to detect and characterize infectious agents and their routes of transmission.

The institute is a major organization in the area of Evidence Based Public Health in Europe. It is very experienced in the investigation and control of outbreaks and epidemics and also in the area of imported or new and emerging pathogens. The RKI cooperates with various institutions in Germany and around the world, including the ECDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Within EVIDENT the Robert Koch-Institut will support the work package leaders in performing lab and field work for WP1, WP2 and WP3. Until the commissioning of the BSL 4 laboratory at RKI lab personnel will support sample analyses at BNI.  After commissioning of the BSL 4 laboratory at RKI (planned for 2016) samples can also be analyzed.

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