Országos Epidemiológiai Központ

National Center for Epidemiology

The National Center for Epidemiology (NCE) is the national public health institution in Hungary responsible for disease control and prevention. Epidemiological work is supported by National Reference Laboratories, in which different, conventional and advanced technologies are applied for the identification of agents, source and vehicle of infections, dynamics of disease transmission and identification of carriers serving epidemiological goals. The laboratories are also involved in responding to emerging health threats and events as well as sequence analysis, resistance analysis, animal research and support of vaccine research.

NCE is a partner institute of the ECDC (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control) and member of the EU Epidemiological Surveillance Network. The leading experts in NCE collaborate with 30 specific epidemiological and microbiological networks, so that data on communicable diseases in Hungary are regularly forwarded to the ECDC.

Within EVIDENT the National Center for Epidemiology will participate in the field works in West Africa and in the lab work regarding the determination of virus load and infectivity in various body fluids. Also it is NCE’s task to determine the stability of the virus in different matrices.

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  • Dr Zoltan Kis
  • Országos Epidemiológiai Központ
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  • Bernadett Pályi
  • Országos Epidemiológiai Központ